Linda M. Love, EdD

Dr. Linda M LoveLinda M. Love, EdD
Director, Faculty Development



Linda M. Love holds a doctorate in Adult Learning and Higher Education Administration from the University of South Dakota. As a lifelong learner, she has enjoyed sharing and contrasting what it was like to be a student as the digital age advanced, and challenging faculty to rethink modern-day teaching approaches. She claims it is imperative that higher education reinvent itself with both better in-person and online educational experiences that are focused on connections with learners.

Dr. Love became a champion of experiential learning after noting that many talented faculty missed the mark when attempting to shift their presentation or teaching style following didactic training alone. She co-directs the F.A.S.T. (Focused, Accelerated Strategies for Teaching) program, an intensive, immersive program designed to help faculty examine and develop better teaching in an interactive, experiential, and interprofessional environment along with other invested faculty and campus experts. 

Dr. Love is passionate about helping faculty teach better in the classroom, at the bedside, or on the national stage. She directs an immersive 9-hour course centered on coaching faculty on how to improve their presentation and expert presence.

Dr. Love teaches Leadership in Health Professions Education online in the Health Professions Teaching & Technology graduate program. For more than a dozen years, Linda has been co-director for UNMC’s leadership development programs, which have developed over 200 leaders embedded throughout UNMC and Nebraska Medicine. Dr. Love is a certified executive and certified strengths coach and believes aiming and aligning strengths with academic medicine’s needs is the secret to both organizational and career success—a win-win. Dr. Love has a special interest in developing and coaching women, minorities, and junior faculty to help them reach their full potential.

Dr. Love believes it is essential for Nebraska’s vitality and future, to foster diversity in leadership, teams, and ideas. As part of a vibrant UNMC academic community, she contends that we are responsible for leading in patient care, research, education, and service, not for only the people who look and think like us, but actively seeking relationships with those who don’t. Dr. Love champions WE STRIVE, an organization that advances equity for all, and is an ally of UNMC’s LGBT+ Mentoring Group which is aimed at similar outcomes.

Linda and her husband, Don are native Nebraskans and have three adult daughters, all involved in health care across the US. 


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