University of Nebraska Medical Center

Independent Learning

Learn Anytime, Anywhere with these Independent Learning Opportunities

Learning never stops. The Office of Faculty Development can't be there for you 24/7, but we have the resources to help you to find the training and development that you need, when you need it.

Browse our recommended independent learning resources below.

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iLearn Online

iLearn Online is a UNMC library of self-directed learning opportunities and resources. It features internal educational resources and past Faculty Development presentations and materials by local and national experts.

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ConnectED is an open-access educational portal created by educators for educators. It features content to help you find educational resources, boost your teaching skills, or discover new ways to advance your career.

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With Go2Knowledge, you have access to 100+ live and recorded webinars. Watch webinars on-demand for just-in-time learning or register for a live webinar to learn with others in real-time.

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Additional Learning

Discover additional resources for independent professional development, including webinars and podcasts. If you have any favorite resources, share them with us.