If you're a faculty member looking for more information about ways to grow your career, new teaching techniques, or technology resources available on campus, you've come to the right place. 

Faculty Resources

>> New Faculty Resource Center
A compilation of what a faculty member new to campus needs to know to hit the ground running

>> iLearn Online
A library of past Faculty Development events specifically chosen to support your professional development

>> ConnectED Blog
Your one source for education news and techniques

>> Teaching Tips and Tools
Easy ways to enhance your teaching skills, including tips on course preparation and writing learning objectives

>> Classroom Tools and Tech
A list of classroom resources available specifically at UNMC and who to contact

>> Mentoring Program
Tips for both the mentor and mentee as you navigate your career path

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Have questions? We can help.

We have a group of trained staff who can meet with you to discuss teaching-related topics like teaching strategies, course design, and technology options. They can even observe one of your classes and give you advice on how to boost student engagement. To meet with them, set up a consultation today.