Genomics Core

The UNMC Genomics Core Facility is a comprehensively equipped facility that provides genomic services to the greater academic research community in the State of Nebraska.

The DNA Sequencing Core operates an Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA Analyzer and Illumina HiSeq2500, NextSeq500, and MiSeq V2 next generation DNA sequencers. In addition, the core operates a single cell genomics instruments suite from Fluidigm and from 10x Genomics to profile gene expression in single cells. Collectively these systems allow for a wide variety of gene expression (mRNA, total RNA, and miRNA) and DNA sequencing related experiments to be performed for biomedical researchers in the state. The presence of these cores currently supports the research of over 115 independent laboratories annually. These researchers are involved in a wide variety of scientific projects of both biomedical and basic science relevance.

The core has observed tremendous growth throughout the last sixteen years due to the support of the IDeA program grants. This funding has been critical to the development, the steady and sustained support of the functional genomics infrastructure in Nebraska, and as such has contributed to the research efforts of many independent researchers. The UNMC DNA Sequencing Core Facilities receive partial support from the Nebraska Research Network In Functional Genomics NE-INBRE P20GM103427-14  grant (James Turpen, PI), The Molecular Biology of Neurosensory Systems CoBRE grant P30GM110768 (Shelley Smith, PI), The Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center Support Grant - P30CA036727 (Ken Cowan, PI) and the Nebraska Research Initiative.