Yazen Alnouti, Ph.D.
Yazen Alnouti, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
University of Nebraska Medical Center
986025 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-6025
402-559-2407 (Lab)
402-559-5673 (Fax)
Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Activities:
At the professional level, Dr. Alnouti lectures in the areas of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics in the "Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences" and "Pharmaceutical Sciences II & III" courses.  At the graduate level, Dr. Alnouti provides lectures in "Advanced Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics" and the "Quantitative Pharmaceutical Analysis" courses.

Research Activities/Interests:
Research in Dr. Alnouti's laboratory is involved in the multidisciplinary area of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK).  His research focuses on the application of Bioanalytical Chemistry, in vitro and in vivo animal models to support ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity) and pharmacokinetic (PK) studies.  This is a technique-driven enterprise; therefore expertise in liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) is heavily used in his research.

Another area of interest in Dr. Alnouti's laboratory is the discovery of biomarkers for hepato-biliary diseases based on bile acid metabolism by sulfation, a phase II metabolic pathway.

Recent Publications:

  1. Yazen Alnouti, Ming Li, Olga Kavetskaia, Honggang Bi, Cornelius Hop and Arkady I. Gusev.  Method for Internal Standard Introduction for Quantitative Analysis using On-line Solid-Phase Extraction LC-MS/MS.  Analytical Chemistry.  Feb 2006, 78 (4): 1331-1336.
  2. Yazen Alnouti, Jay S Petrick and Curtis D Klaassen.  Tissue Distribution and Ontogeny of Organic Cation Transporters in Mice.  Drug Metabolism and Disposition.  Mar 2006, 34 (3): 477-482
  3. Alnouti, Yazen M.; Shelby, Melinda K.; Chen, Chuan; Klaassen, Curtis D.  Influence of Phenobarbital on Morphine Metabolism and Disposition in the Wistar-Kyoto Rat.  Current Drug Metabolism.  Jan 2007, 8 (1): 79-89.
  4. Yazen Alnouti and Curtis D Klaassen.  Regulation of Sulfotransferase Enzymes by Prototypical Microsomal Enzyme Inducers in Mice.  Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.  Feb 2008, 324 (2): 612-621. 
  5. Alnouti Y.  Bile Acid sulfation: a pathway of bile acid elimination and detoxification.  Toxicological Sciences.  Apr 2009, 108 (2): 225-246. 
  6. J. G. Huang, S.P. Bathena, J. Tong, M Roth, B. Hagenbuch, Y. Alnouti.  Kinetic Analysis of Bile Acid Sulfation by Stably Expressed Human Sulfotransferase (SULT2A1).  Xenobiotica.  Mar 2010, 40 (3), 184-194.
  7. Jiangeng Huang, Sai Praneeth R Bathena, Yazen Alnouti.  Metabolite profiling of Praziquantel and its analogs during the analysis of in vitro metabolic stability using information-dependent acquisition on a hybrid triple-quadrupole linear ion trap mass spectrometer.  Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics.   Sep 2010, 25(5): 487-499.
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  10. Oberoi HS, Nukolova NV, Laquer FC, Poluektova LY, Huang J, Alnouti Y, Yokohira M, Arnold LL, Kabanov AV, Cohen SM, Bronich TK.  Cisplatin-loaded core cross-linked micelles: comparative pharmacokinetics, antitumor activity, and toxicity in mice.  Int J Nanomedicine. 2012, 7:2557-71.