University of Nebraska Medical Center

Jered Garrison, PhD

Vice Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Jered Garrison
Research Activities/Interests
Dr. Garrison’s primary interest is in targeted molecular imaging and radiotherapeutic agent design; development of cancer-specific prodrugs; and polymer based drug delivery systems. His laboratory is currently working on the development and evaluation of cleavable linkers for enhanced diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy as well as the design of hypoxia enhanced bombesin analogs for the staging and treatment of prostate cancer. Dr. Garrison’s laboratory performs peptide synthesis and small molecule X-ray crystallography services for investigators both on and off the UNMC campus.
Teaching Activities
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences PHSC 550
Pharmaceutical Sciences PHSC 570
Medicinal Chemistry I PHSC 626
Medicinal Chemistry II PHSC 628
Pharmaceutical Science Applications in Pharmacy PHSC 691
Quantitative Pharmaceutical Sciences (X-ray crystallography) PHSC 845
Current Topics in the Pharmaceutical Sciences PHSC 960
Seminar in Pharmaceutical Sciences PHSC 970