University of Nebraska Medical Center

Joseph A Vetro, PhD

Associate Professor


Joseph Vetro
Research Activities/Interests
Dr. Vetro's research interests are in developing novel synthetic targeted drug and gene delivery nanocarriers for the anti-angiogenesis treatment of cancer, improving development paradigms for targeted bioimaging and drug delivery nanocarriers and developing subunit vaccines based on the novel adjuvant, EP67.
Teaching Activities
  • Pharmacy Doctorate Students
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences 570: Bioavailability & Bioequivalence, rate processes of drug release, drug absorption, parenterals, biotechnology-derived products, nasal, pulmonary and opthalmic delivery.
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Students
  • Quantitative Pharmaceutical Sciences 845: DNA, RNA and proteins
  • Pharm Chem for Drug Delivery 826: Surface modification of micro and nanospheres, synthesis of biodegradable nanogels
  • Innovative Drug Delivery Systems 851: Biological barriers to drug delivery
  • Physical Pharmacy 885: Mass transfer