University of Nebraska Medical Center

Ally Dering-Anderson, PharmD, RP, FAPhA

Clinical Associate Professor


Ally Dering-Anderson
Research Activities/Interests
Dr. Ally’s research and scholarship focuses on advancing the services provided by pharmacists in community pharmacies. She is one of the developers of the national Point of Care Testing Certificate program and is a developer of the California Pharmacists Association’s Advanced Pharmacist training program. She works with pharmacists and other health care providers to create collaborative practice agreements intended to improve patient care. Dr. Ally is the College’s presenter on the policy issues surrounding the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids. She serves as the College’s representative on the campus legislative committee. Ally is a member of the UNMC Interprofessional Academy of Educators and is active in work to improve teaching and learning across the campus. Dr. Ally is the faculty sponsor for the College’s Phi Lambda Sigma chapter – the national pharmacists organization recognizing pharmacy leaders.
Teaching Activities
Dr. Ally is one of the community pharmacists in the Department of Pharmacy Practice & Science. She coordinates the Law and Ethics series and the Immunization course. She also coordinates electives in: Over-the-Counter Products, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Point of Care Testing, Advocacy, and Medical Cannabinoids. Dr. Ally is a preceptor for a 4th year elective APPE in health policy. She lectures in Pharmacy & Health Care, Pharmaceutical Care, and Pharmacotherapy, all with a focus on community pharmacy practice. Dr. Ally has been selected as the teacher of the year for the College of Pharmacy and for the entire UNMC campus