DJ Murry, PharmD

ProfessorDr. Murry

Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science
College of Pharmacy
University of Nebraska Medical Center
986145 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-6145
402-559-3790 (Office)
402-559-5673 (Fax)
Recent Publications:

  1. Chhonker YS, Edi C, Murry DJ. LC-MS/MS method for simultaneous determination fo diethylcarbamazine, albendazole and albendazole metabolides in human plasma: Application to a clinical pharmacokinetic study.  J Pharm Biomed Anal.  2017 Dec 24;151:84-90. Doi: 10.1016/j.jpba.2017.12.037  PMID: 29310051.
  2. Chhonker YS, Sleightholm RL, Li J, Oupicky D, Murry DJ. Simultaneous quantitation of hydroxychloroquine and its metabolites in mouse blood and tissues using LC-ESI-MS/MS: An application for pharmacokinetic studies.  J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci.  2018 Jan 1;1072:320-327. Doi 10.1016/j.jchromb.2017.11.026 PMID 29207305.
  3. Ebeid K, Meng X, Thiel KW, Do AV, Geary SM, Morris AS, Pham EL, Wongrakpanich A, Chhonker YS, Murry DJ, Leslie KK, Salem AK. Synthetically lethal nanoparticles for treatment of endometrial cancer.  Nat nanotechnol. 2018 J:13(1):72-81. Doi:10.1038/s41565-017-0009-7, PMID 29203914.
  4. Robb CM, Contreras JI, Kour S, Taylor MA, Abid M, Sonawane YA, Zahid M, Murry DJ, Natarajan A, Rana S. Chemically induced degradation of CDK9 by a proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC).  Chem Commun (CAMB). 2017 Jul 4;53(54):7577-7580. PMID: 28636052.
  5. Kirresh, T, Tuteja S, Bunchman E, Russo D, Brophy PD, Murry DJ. Development and validation of a liquid chromatography-mass spectrometric assay for simultaneous determination of tacrolimus and 13-0-desmethyl tacrolimus in rat kidney tissue.  Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. 2017 Mar 20;136:32-37. PMID 28063333
  6. D’Cunha R, Bae S, Murry DJ, An G. TKI combination therapy: strategy to enhance dasatinib uptake through inhibiting PGP- and BCRP- mediated efflux.  Biopharm Drug Dispos.  2016 Oct;37(7):397-408.  PMID 27418107. 
  7. Bi Y, Deng J, Murry DJ, An G. A whole body physiologically based pharmacokinetic model of gefitinib in mice and scale-up to humans.  AAPS J 2016 Jan;18(1):228-38.  PMID: 26559435.
  8. Xiaofeng Wang, Kouros Owzar, Pankaj Gupta, Richard A. Larson, Flora Mulkey, Antonius A. Miller, Lionel D. Lewis, David Hurd, Ravi Vij, Mark J. Ratain, Daryl J. Murry; Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology. Vatalanib population pharmacokinetics in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS): CALGB 10105 (Alliance).  Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2014 Nov;78(5):10005-13.
  9. Brown T, Milavetz G, Murry DJ. Alcohol, drugs and driving; implications for evaluating driver impairment.  Ann Adv Automot Med, 2013;57:23-32.
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