Mentoring of Junior Faculty

The faculty for the Regenerative Medicine Program are comprised of nearly 40 investigators located throughout the UNMC and UNL campus. These Researchers and Physicians make an impact every day in the area of regenerative medicine. They are found in multiple departments with different focuses, techniques, and methods, all working towards the same goal – providing hope where once there was none. Our scientists represent an award-winning group of experts at all levels – Assistant to full Professor. They also represent all phases of science, from the basics of how regeneration works from a developmental level, to how regeneration can play a role in clinical care. We are committed to helping form partnerships of mentorship and support of junior faculty. The collaborative grant program has also inspired mentoring, pairing junior and senior faculty together, augmenting each other’s strengths.

Summer Regenerative Medicine Research Program

The Holland Regenerative Medicine Program has a major focus on cutting-edge research. The Summer Regenerative Medicine Research Program represents a chance for engineering undergraduate students at UNL to work in the specialty areas of regenerative medicine. These summer opportunities for students allow them to become members of research teams and discover first-hand the spectrum of research activities occurring in the field of regenerative medicine.

Each summer there are positions available for talented undergraduate students to be mentored by Regenerative Medicine faculty. These full-time research positions are in laboratories where students work with team members on an ongoing research project. Students attend weekly seminars provided by researchers to enhance their knowledge about scientific method and the research being done at UNMC. These laboratory experiences can enhance undergraduate students’ competitiveness for later admission to graduate programs and medical school.