The UNMC regenerative medicine program has enlisted several experts amongst all fields of science to help guide its direction. It is necessary to have input from experts in other fields utilized by Regenerative Medicine in order to ensure that each area is being developed appropriately to ensure success. The advisory board is comprised of scientists and clinicians, those who know the patients' needs and those who want to understand how to develop new therapies to contribute to these patients' quality of life.

External Advisory Committee

Recently, we have also succeeded in bringing together a group of experts to serve as an external advisory board for the Regenerative Medicine Program. The advisory board will serve an important role in evaluating and providing input on our program mission and goals. These advisors will give feedback on our program’s scientific direction, productivity, collaborative programs and training initiatives. The board will meet annually each spring in Omaha at our campus, and each fall via teleconference.

Click on the links below to read more about the Advisory Committee and their areas of expertise:

Internal Advisory Committee
Click on the links below to read more about the Advisory Committee and their areas of expertise:

Search Committee

The regenerative medicine program currently has 2 available Faculty positions. A search committee was gathered to bring the best talent in the world right here to UNMC. Members of this committee gather to network, share their thoughts and inputs on potential applicants, and discuss the best avenues for recruiting top talent. Each member of the search committee has an established laboratory at UNMC and a connection to the Regenerative Medicine or Tissue Engineering Field. The links below will help you learn more about these excellent researchers and their work.

Iqbal Ahmad
Hamid Band
Vimla Band
Andy Dudley
Alan Langnas
Angie Rizzino
Jim Turpen
Steven Wengel
Irving Zucker