Structure of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a campus wide program consisting of over forty faculty members from UNMC, UNL, and UNO. Its goal is to improve multidisplinary collaborations and to foster collaborations between scientists.

As part of this collaboration, Regenerative Medicine involves strategic planning sessions to establish goals and needs and joint research conferences with presentations from all groups with developed themes. It established joint appointments between UNL investigators and UNMC and holds events to further collaborations within convenience.

Methodology to Promote Collaborations

Regenerative Medicine provides seed funding and identifies multidisciplinary groups that could tackle major health problems and funding mechanisms. These mechanisms include NIH RFAs and foundations. We invite investigators to brainstorming sessions, which initiate discussions about central problems and provokes questions and identification of relevant RFAs. Previously these discussions have included evocative questions into bone and cartilage regeneration, cardiovascular regeneration. The next brainstorming session is on GI regeneration. Quad charts for documenting projects and collaboration are also drawn up for a non-competitive application.

quad vascular

Oral Regeneration