Regenerative Medicine Research at UNMC


"A necessary component for the success of the Regenerative Medicine Program is clinical translation.  It's a delicate balance that requires a multidisciplinary approach" states Nora Sarvetnick, PhD, professor in the transplant section of the UNMC Department of Surgery and Director of the Regenerative Medicine Program.  Without the help of involved/collaborative clinicians here at UNMC we cannot bring our current research into the clinic. We would like to encourage those interested in Regenerative Medicine to contact us with their thoughts and suggestions. Our goal is to foster collaborations between scientists and clinicians to drive new, innovative techniques that are currently absent in the field.

Dr. Sarvetnick has been working with the Regenerative Medicine Advisory Committee and Faculty to establish directions for the Regenerative Medicine Program as well as recruit potential candidates to fill faculty positions available.  "We hope to grow the field of Regenerative Medicine at UNMC, but also give both junior and senior investigators the chance to participate in research and therapy development." 

The Regenerative Medicine Program seeks to establish approaches that generate new therapies for disease. The types of activities undertaken will utilize: