University of Nebraska Medical Center

Office of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

Our team is happy to assist current and prospective students as well as College of Allied Health Professions (CAHP) faculty and staff. Contact 402.559.6673 or cahpadmissions@unmc.edu.

Our Team

Amber Donnelly, PhD, MPH, SCT(ASCP)

Associate Dean for Student Affairs


Amber Donnelly
Maggie Winnicki, MPH

Senior Director of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

Maggie Winnicki
Catarina "Cat" Francisco, MS

Student Services Associate

Cat Francisco
Kylie Krug, MBA

Student Services Admissions

Kylie Krug
Perris Scott, BA

Recruitment and Marketing Coordinator

Perris Scott
Nicki Simmons, BS, Notary

Events Management & Student Ambassador Coordinator

Nicki Simmons
Leah Sinner, BS

EMSA Communications Specialist

Leah Sinner
Liz Stout, MBA

Education Program and Admissions Coordinator

Liz Stout
Melissa R Thompson, BS

Director of Admissions & Enrollment

Melissa Thompson
Tori Villars

Office Associate I


Tori Villars

Office Functions

See below for a list of general functions performed by Enrollment Management & Student Affairs (EMSA):

  • Strategic enrollment management
    • Marketing
    • Recruitment
  • Admission processing & support
  • Registration & enrollment
  • Student onboarding
  • Student events (e.g., Professionalism, Convocations)
  • Pathway programs (e.g., RHOP/KHOP)
  • Student background checks
  • Student progression, retention, discipline
  • Global Engagement
  • Student wellness, success, and crisis management
  • Career Services
  • Campus life/engagement
  • Student Ambassador activities

    This list is not comprehensive. Please contact us with any questions.