University of Nebraska Medical Center

Clinical Perfusion Faculty


Program Director & Staff Perfusionist


Scott Sanderson, MPS, CCP, LP

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Benjamin Greenfield, MPS, CCP, LP

Assistant Professor
Perfusion Clinical Education Coordinator


Amber Lickert, MPS, CCP, LP

Medical Director


Kim Duncan, MD

UNMC Clinical Instructors

Morgan Anson, MPS, CCP, LP
Lance Fristoe, MS, CCP, LP
Shelby Jewell, MPS, CCP, LP
Jon Keck, MPS, CCP, LP
Jordanna Knott, MPS, CCP, LP
Peyton Price, MPS, CCP, LP
Ryan Robertson, MPS, CCP, LP
Todd Stover, MPS, CCP, LP
Sam Swartz, MPS, CCP, LP
Ria Swift, MPS, CCP, LP
Jon Vidlak, MPS, CCP, LP

Clinical Perfusion Staff

Christine Swets, AA

Clinical Perfusion Program Coordinator


Christine Swets

Clinical Perfusion Administration

The program has qualified program officials which include a Program Director, a Medical Director, and clerical support. All faculty members have met the credentialing requirements as outlined in the most recent Standards and Guidelines for perfusion education as established by the Accreditation Committee on Perfusion Education of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

All clinical perfusion science classes are taught by Certified Clinical Perfusionists (CCPs) who hold academic ranks within the University of Nebraska educational system. Guest lectures are provided by members of the UNMC clinical and scientific faculty, as well as outside individuals.