College of Pharmacy

The University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy Alumni Association was established in 1994. It is governed by a board of directors, ex officio members from the College of Pharmacy administration and student body, University of Nebraska Foundation and Alumni Relations Office staff.  In 2010, the College of Pharmacy Alumni Association became a member chapter of the UNMC Alumni Association, changing its name to the College of Pharmacy Alumni Chapter.

The association has established traditions such as the annual alumni reunion where the awards honoring our distinguished alumni are presented, a student scholarship, continuing education and student award activities.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in the Council, please email or call 402.559.4385.

Pharmacy Alumni Innovation Fund

The UNMC Alumni Association Board of Directors has voted to usher in a “New Era of Alumni Engagement.” In an effort to reach and connect with more alumni of UNMC, we will offer automatic alumni association membership to all graduates and refocus on deeper collaborations between alumni and campus leaders.

In doing so, we will conclude the membership dues program and will honor all existing memberships. We also will extend special recognition and thanks to our lifetime members. Going forward, we welcome all UNMC graduates as members of the UNMC Alumni Association and the proud tradition associated with being a member.

Again, we expect this change will increase the number of alumni actively engaged with UNMC, its colleges and its students. In partnership with the University of Nebraska Foundation and the colleges, we will actively lead an annual giving program to promote academic excellence and innovation in each college and support the people and programs of your UNMC Alumni Association.

UNMC Fund annual gifts are a vital source of support for the College of Pharmacy and the UNMC Alumni Association and are essential for our continued success. Gift to the College of Pharmacy Alumni Innovation Fund will first be used to support the people, operations and programs of your Alumni Association. Thereafter, this fund will be used to provide opportunities for students, upgrade technology, enhance innovative programs, create scholarships for deserving students and much more. Donate now.