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Telehealth Training Module 2021

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, telehealth use skyrocketed in 2020. Day-to-day use of telehealth became the pragmatic solution, allowing people to connect safely and effectively to mental health services no matter where they are located.

Our Telehealth Training module, originally released in 2014, has been updated for 2021.

In this interactive module:

  • Learn about telehealth evolution, its current use, and legal and regulatory issues
  • Identify various indications of telehealth service delivery
  • Learn about telehealth etiquette 
  • Discover ethical best practices for telehealth
  • Learn the basic skills necessary to navigate the use of a telehealth platform

There are no fees for participating in this module. This module does not offer continuing education.

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The Module Wrap-Up section has information about a certificate of completion. However, this automated process is no longer in service.

BHECN is no longer providing certificates of completion for the Telehealth module. If you need to provide proof of completion, please take a screenshot at the end of the module and give the image to the requestor as proof. 

Questions about the module? Contact BHECN at 402-552-7697 or via email.

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