University of Nebraska Medical Center

Community Outreach & Engagement Office

UNMC Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center's catchment area is the entire state of Nebraska. The cancer center's Community Outreach and Engagement Office was established in 2020 to reduce overall cancer burden and eliminate cancer related health disparities in Nebraska through collaboration with community, health care, public health, and cancer advocacy organizations.

Three specific aims of the office are:

  1. Improve understanding of cancer burden and needs of Nebraskans especially underrepresented populations
  2. Engage with community, health care and public health partners to promote evidence-based interventions and policies to prevent and control cancers in Nebraska
  3. Promote cancer clinical trials and community-engaged research that addresses cancer issues affecting Nebraskans.

These aims are addressed through a number of different activities including:

  • Conducting catchment area cancer needs assessment annually.
  • Providing data on cancer incidence, mortality, risk factor, and screening.
  • Providing cancer research pilot grants to facilitate community-engaged research studies.
  • Providing support to researchers who are interested in engaging community members and patients for development and implementation of research studies.
  • Working with the cancer clinical trial program to increase the participation in clinical trials among underrepresented patients.
  • Providing community grants to promote evidence-based interventions.
  • Supporting and participating in cancer-related community outreach and educational events.