Animal Exposure

Animal Use Requirements

The Nebraska Medicine Employee Health Clinic provides medical services for personnel who are enrolled the UNMC Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) program for personnel with animal exposure. As of March 1, 2021, Employee Health charges $36.00 for review and processing of clearance requests. A cost center number associated with the research project must be provided when submitting a medical clearance request in RSS. 

Employee Health consent and authorization forms are required for medical review and processing and must be submitted to the clinic:

Employee Health Consent/ Authorization Forms

A Service Request (SR) form is required for services that are provided at the clinic (pre-employment exams, diagnostics, respirator fit test, TB, vaccinations, etc.):

Request for Employee Health Services 

If you have questions about the forms or NM Employee Health Services, please contact the clinic at 402-552-3563 or 

If you have questions about UNMC Occupational Health Programs, please contact the Occupational Health Manager: 402-559-8395.