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Power Presentations

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Be Remembered

Power Presentations is a three-part series where you will gain valuable presentation tips from a team of faculty experts. You’ll receive real-time coaching and feedback to improve your presentation skills. This course is ideal for anyone looking to design better presentations, manage anxiety or learn engagement tips for more effective delivery. We’ll help you discover your core strengths and develop the key traits of the most memorable public speakers and teachers – whether on the conference stage, in the classroom, or in the virtual environment.

Power Presentations is a LIVE and highly participatory workshop. You must commit to all three sessions.

Series Dates

Power Presentations has been postponed at this time. New dates will be announced soon.

Participants must attend all three sessions. All participants will receive a workbook to help them continue to evaluate their presentation skills.


Why Attend?

Interactive Training
Learn, watch and practice fundamental and advanced presentation skills
Live Practice Assessment
Present a portion of content for immediate, personalized feedback
Performance Booster
Enhance personal and professional growth in a supportive environment
Continued Advancement
Enduring course materials can be referenced after the workshop has ended