2015 NE-INBRE Scholars


2014 Scholars 

BACK ROW (standing) – left to right: Nick Bartschat, Austin Sanford, Riley Jones, Cleofes Sarmiento, Nick Johnson, Christopher Dziatkowski, Dawson Johnson, Nathan Harms, Alexis Page, Melissa Shadoin, Ziomara Jurado, and Britney Carr (Clark/Atlanta Program)
MIDDLE ROW (seated) – left to right:Erica Ragatz, Thanh Nguyen, Emily Maguire, Rachel Pham, Alyssa Marian, Emily Thrailkill, and Jaquelin Garcia
FRONT ROW (floor) – left to right:Rachel Lukowicz, Emily Keit, Christina Miller, Carlie Pickrel, Kari Heck, Kira Hannon, October-Rose Martinez (Clark/Atlanta Program) and Latiffa Liburd (Clark/Atlanta Program)

2015 Richard Holland Future Scientist Award Winners

Award winners

L-R: Alexis Page(UNK), Riley Jones(Doane), Kari Heck(UNL), Christina Miller(CU), Austin Sanford(UNO)

Richard Holland Future Scientist Award Winners from the 2015 annual INBRE Conference

2015 cures awards

Dr. James Turpen, INBRE Program Director
Alexis Page (UNK) – Honorable Mention in Oral Presentation
Riley Jones (Doane) - Second Place in Oral Presentation
Kari Heck (UNL) – Third Place in Oral Presentation
Christina Miller (Creighton) – First Place in Oral Presentation
Austin Sanford (UNO) – Honorable Mention in Oral Presentation
Dr. David Crouse, President of Cures Foundation