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Under the Microscope: Dean Keith Olsen, Pharm.D.

Chancellor Gold talks with Keith Olsen, Pharm.D., dean of the College of Pharmacy, about his first months as dean and his plans for the college.

   Under.PNGUnder the Microscope: Operation Immunization

Chancellor Gold discusses a collaboration between the UNMC College of Pharmacy, employee health, student health, and the UNMC chapter of the American Pharmacists Associaton-Academy of Student Pharmacists.


UNMC enrollment at 4,055 sets record for 19th straight year

Student enrollment at UNMC set another record high with a 2.1% increase over last year's record.



New faculty spotlight: Paul Trippier, Ph.D.

UNMC College of Pharmacy welcomes new faculty Paul Trippier.



New faculty spotlight: Sean Avedissian, Pharm.D.

Sean Avedissian joins UNMC College of Pharmacy.


UNMC for the recordUNMC for the record

Ally Dering-Anderson, Pharm.D., becomes president of the Nebraska Pharmacists Association.