University of Nebraska Medical Center

UNMC Psychiatry Interest Group

Psychiatry Student Interest Group members at work at the SHARING Clinic with Dr. Ashish Sharma.

The UNMC Psychiatry Student Interest Group is an active, medical student-run organization that works to promote psychiatry and mental health through a variety of different educational activities, mentorship and outreach.



The group hosts monthly lunch meetings with speakers on mental health topics. Past speakers have included researchers, clinical physicians, and patients discussing their experiences with mental illness. The group also coordinates and sponsors the annual Mind Your Mind: Mental Health Awareness Week. Mind Your Mind is an interprofessional, weeklong event aimed at improving student mental health and includes education in stress reduction techniques, speakers, and pet therapy.


The UNMC Psychiatry Student Interest Group's goals also include fostering mentorship and exploring career opportunities. The group provides information on the national and local scholarships, programs, and conference opportunities. Because the group's involvement has consistently included students from each year in training, veteran members are able to provide advice and guidance to younger members on topics ranging from study tips and fourth-year electives to applying for residency. The UNMC Psychiatry Student Interest Group also hosts an annual Mentorship Dinner attended by physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists and students.


The UNMC Psychiatry Student Interest Group works towards promoting mental health in the community. The group also supports the UNMC Department of Psychiatry's community outreach projects. In addition, the group helps to provide psychiatric care through collaboration with the student-run SHARING Clinic. This not only improves patient access to care but provides students a supplemental opportunity to practice psychiatric clinical care.

The UNMC Psychiatry Student Interest Group is a motivated and involved interest group with opportunities for education, mentorship and service. Interest in getting involved? Contact Ann Kraft.