Title Description
IPA Webinar Training - Getting Started with IPA This session is recommended for all new or beginning users. It introduces IPA and will show you how to upload and run an analysis to identify the functions, pathways, and networks most relevant to your data. It also walks you through system configurations needed to launch IPA, describes the key terms used in the application, and demonstrates how to search for key information on genes and other concepts in IPA. Click here to look at IPA training.
IPA Webinar Training - Data Upload & Analysis This session dives more deeply into basic data upload and analysis in IPA. You'll see how to rapidly understand biological processes, pathways and networks most perturbed in your dataset, or across multiple timepoints or doses. You'll also get an introduction to functional analysis, significance calculations and ratios; see how to drill down on findings and gene details; and learn about best practices for data analysis. Click here to look at IPA training.
IPA Webinar Training - Molecular Toxicology Analysis Explore how IPA's toxicity analysis capabilities and toxicology functions can deliver a focused toxicity and safety assessment of candidate compounds, reveal clinical endpoints associated with a dataset, and more. Learn more about toxicology capabilities in IPA. Click here to look at IPA training.
Miscellaneous Introduction to NextGen Sequencing Data Analysis, Online bioinformatics resources such as NCBI, EBI, UCSC, GALAXY etc.