Journal Club

The Journal Club meetings will be held on every Friday from 9 AM to 10 AM.

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Journal Club Schedule
  Speaker Date Paper/Title Room
1 Avinash Veerappa 2/2/2024 Deciphering the genetic diversity of the 86 billion neurons to understand the molecular basis of disorders DRC1 6003
 2 Sushil Shakyawar 2/9/2024 N-of-one differential gene expression without control samples using a deep generative model DRC1 6003
 3 Naresh Mutha 2/16/2024 New insights into the genetic etiology of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias  DRC1 6003 
 4 Nagavardhini Avuthu 2/23/2024 Clustering of single-cell multi-omics data with a multimodal deep learning method DRC1 6003 
 5 Rajashree Chakraborty 3/1/2024 Single nucleus transcriptomics of ventral midbrain identifies glial activation associated with chronic opioid use disorder DRC1 6003 
 6 Sujith Manavalan 3/8/2024   DRC1 6003 
 7 Saadyeh Rashidi  3/22/2024 Peptide absent sequences emerging in human cancers DRC1 6003 
8 Nagasundaram Nagarajan 3/29/2024 VirtualFlow 2.0 - The Next Generation Drug Discovery Platform Enabling Adaptive Screens of 69 Billion Molecules DRC1 6003
 9 Babu Guda 4/12/2024 How to navigate through and succeed in an academic career? DRC1 6003 
 10  Jai Chand Patel  4/19/2024

A draft human pangenome reference

The complete sequence of a human genome

DRC1 6003  
11 Sankarasubramanian Jagadesan 4/26/2024 Single cell transcriptomics in human osteoarthritis synovium and in silico deconvoluted bulk RNA sequencing  DRC1 6003