University of Nebraska Medical Center

Thyroid Cancer and Tumor Collaborative Registry

The Thyroid Cancer and Tumor Collaborative Registry, operating under the umbrella of the integrated Cancer Data Repository for Cancer Research, is designed to facilitate rapid and uniform collection of critical information and biological samples to be used in developing prevention and treatment strategies for thyroid nodules or thyroid cancer.

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It has an overall aim to collaborate with other centers with expertise and interest in epidemiology, genetics, biology, and patient care regarding care of thyroid disease and thyroid cancer

This resource is available to all participating institutions that desire the appropriate computing support. Institutional IRB approval and patient informed consent must be obtained

Adults ages 19 years and older with either thyroid nodules or thyroid cancer (past or present) are eligible to participate. Participation is voluntary and there is no charge to the subject to participate and there is also no payment to the subject for participation.

Individuals must sign informed consent and complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire asks about personal medical history, family history, dietary and occupational history as well as details about diagnosis and treatment of thyroid nodules and/ or thyroid cancer. We also ask for a blood, urine and tissue specimens for the associated biobank. It is our hope that this will aid in future diagnosis, treatment and follow up of both thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.