Futsal (Indoor Soccer)

The Spring 2018 Futsal (Indoor Soccer) season is underway!

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Intramural Futsal - UNMC Center for Healthy LivingIntramural Futsal - UNMC Center for Healthy Living

About Futsal 

Futsal, a variation of soccer, is one of UNMC's newest and hottest sports. The Spring 2018 season will be the second season of Intramural Futsal at the Center for Healthy Living. Games will be played Sunday evenings at the Center for Healthy Living Gymnasium. Anybody that is familiar with the basics of soccer will have no trouble picking up futsal.

Futsal matches at UNMC will be played 5 vs. 5 (4 field players + 1 goalie). A minimum of 4 players must be present to start a match. Matches will consist of two 15-minute halves separated by a 3 minute half time period. Time will be kept on a running clock with no stoppages. Unlimited substitutes are allowed, and may be made on-the-fly.

Futsal (Indoor Soccer) Court at UNMC's Center for Healthy Living

General Information

Registration Fee: $95/team

How do I sign up?

Registration is now closed for the Spring 2018 season:

During the registration window, teams sign up through EZLeagues.

  1. Simply follow the registration link to EZLeagues that will be made available on this page
  2. Fill out the required fields at the bottom of the page and select "Submit Registration". You will receive a confirmation message once your registration has been received.
  3. You may then pay the registration fee at the front desk of the Center for Healthy Living in the form of cash, credit, or check. 

If you don't have enough people for a full team, if you encounter any issues during registration, or if you'd simply like more information about this or other leagues, please don't hesitate to contact the Intramural Coordinator by email at alec.carstens@unmc.edu.

Who may participate? 

  • Registration for intramural futsal is open to UNMC/Nebraska Medicine staff, faculty, students volunteers, retirees, and the spouse/parents/children (aged 18 or older) of someone who belongs to any of the previously mentioned groups.
  • In addition, individuals who don't belong to any of the previously mentioned groups may participate. The number of non-UNMC/Nebraska Medicine individuals allowed on a team is subject to sport-specific limitations.
    • Futsal teams may only have 2 non-UNMC/Nebraska Medicine individuals.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the Intramural Coordinator by email at alec.carstens@unmc.edu.