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Membership Pricing

Membership Forms

Complete our Membership Form and email the Center for Healthy Living to start your membership. Please reach out to us with any questions you have about becoming a member. 

Membership Form

Guest Pricing

Members of the center, UNMC/Nebraska Medicine employees and UNMC students may bring up to two guests per visit. The guest rate is $7 per person.

Fitness Passes

Don’t want to commit to a regular fitness center membership yet? A Fitness Pass is a great way to try out the center and all of the services we offer. You may purchase Fitness Passes at the front desk.

Fitness Passes are available in three packages:

  • Five pass package for $27
  • 10 pass package for $43
  • 15 pass package for $53

Fitness Pass packages are available to employees, retirees and spouses or significant others of employees, retirees and students. They are now available to family and friends also.

No ID cards will be issued with this type of membership. Members employed by UNMC will use their current ID to access the building. Don’t have a UNMC ID? Call the front desk at 402-559-5254 and the staff will let you in.

Whenever you want to attend a class or use the fitness facility, stop by the front desk and tell our staff you have a Fitness Pass you want to use. Each pass is good for one visit to the center. There is no time limit to each visit, no expiration date and it allows full access to the facility.

Employee, Volunteer & Family and Friends Rates

Pricing for UNMC, Nebraska Medicine, and UNO employees, volunteers and families. NEW - the CFHL is now available to the Community for the same rate as our employees.

Printable Membership Form
  1 Month
(cash only, no payroll deduct)
2 Months
(cash only, no payroll deduct)
4 Months
(payroll deduct or cash/check total)

8 Months
(payroll deduct or cash/check total)

2 Years or Ongoing
(payroll deduct or cash/check total)
Single Rate $37 $33/month
$66 total
$116 total
$200 total
$528 total
Dual Rate $63 $56/month
$112 total
$200 total
$336 total
$912 total
Family Rate* $68 $62/month
$124 total
$220 total
$384 total
$1008 total

 *Family membership: One member + (1) adult + legal dependents 14-18 years.

  • If a legal dependent is a full time undergraduate student, he/she may be included in a family membership through 25 years of age. Proof of full-time college enrollment is required for family members 19 - 25 years of age.
  • An additional $15 per month will be added to employee family memberships for each student 19 - 25 years.

Miscellaneous Rates

Pricing for the University of Nebraska system's retirees, student-sponsored UNO & Clarkson College students, and limited use members.

Printable Membership Form
Retiree (age 55 and over), Student-Sponsored UNO/Clarkson College Students*
Single Rate
Visiting Student/Scholar
Single Rate

Limited Use
Single Rate (This membership is limited to use of the walking track and locker rooms only.)


*UNMC students cannot sponsor for membership:

  • more than two persons
  • a UNMC/Medical Center employee unless they are their spouse

Locker Rentals

Speak to us at the front desk if you'd like to rent a locker.

Annual $48
September - May $32
May - August $16

Need to cancel your current membership? Complete our cancellation form and return it to Misty Harck

Cancellation Form