University of Nebraska Medical Center

Intramural Sports

Whether you’re looking for recreation or a challenge, we have a league for you.

Intramural leagues are athletic competitions organized for UNMC/Nebraska Medicine faculty, staff, students, volunteers, retirees, and their spouses, parents and children age 16 or older.

Teams may also have a limited number of people who are not associated with UNMC or Nebraska Medicine. The number allowed may be found on the sport-specific page for each league.

Today's Intramural Schedule 

Summer 2024 Intramural Leagues

The Summer intramural season typically 2 - 3 months. The season consists of round-robin play. A team's or individual’s win loss record during the regular season will determine the winner and will be awarded intramural champion t-shirts.

Intramural Leagues by Season

The Center for Healthy Living organizes a variety of intramural leagues depending on the season.