Softball on EZLeagues

The schedule and results may be found here on the Softball section of EZLeagues

Current Teams

Scoresheet - All captains must bring a scoresheet and keep score.  

General Information

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How to sign up

Team captains may register their teams in one of the 2 ways:

  1. Registering directly through EZLeagues (our new intramural service)
  2. OR filling out a team roster form and submitting it either online to the Intramural Coordinator ( or in person to the Center for Healthy Living front desk.
Individuals without a team must sign up here through EZLeagues. Once registered, an individual may a) choose to be added to team in need of players OR b) form a new team with other individuals unattached to a team. 

Who may sign up?

Registration for intramural softball is open to UNMC/Nebraska Medicine staff, faculty, students volunteers, retirees, and the spouse/parents/children (aged 18 or older) of someone who belongs to any of the previously mentioned groups.

In addition, individuals who don't belong to any of the previously mentioned groups may participate. The number of non-UNMC/Nebraska Medicine individuals allowed on a team is subject to sport-specific limitations. In this case, softball teams must be composed of fewer than 50% of non-UNMC/Nebraska Medicine individuals.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Intramural Office by phone at 402-559-5093 or by email at