University of Nebraska Medical Center

Futsal (Indoor Soccer)

Students play indoor soccer in a gymnasium

Futsal is a variation of soccer played indoors on a solid floor. Futsal matches at UNMC are played six vs. six (five field players and one goalie). A minimum of four players must be present to start a match. Matches consist of two 14-minute halves separated by a five minute halftime break. Time is kept on a running clock with no stoppages. Games last roughly 45 minutes (including halftime) and are scheduled at 45-minute intervals.

The season consists of round-robin play. A team’s win loss record during the regular season will determine the winner of the league and will be awarded intramural champion t-shirts.

The Spring 2024 season begins on February 29 with leagues playing on Thursday nights, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The registration deadline is Friday, February 16.

Futsal Schedule

League Play

Length of Season: Eight weeks, Thursday nights (Feb. 29 through April 18)

Location: Center for Healthy Living gymnasium

Divisions: Coed recreation, eight team limit.

Length of games: 45 minutes, teams play two 14 minute halves.

Team Composition: 6 x 6 (five field players and one goalie)

Team Registration Fee: $105.00

Late Registration Fee: $125.00

Participants: Futsal teams must be composed of no more than three non-UNMC/Nebraska Medicine individuals.

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