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Students play volleyball in a gymnasium

The most popular indoor intramural sport at UNMC, volleyball draws consistently draws around 20 teams each season. Games are played six vs. six (three men and three women per team) and are scheduled at 45-minute intervals. Intervals are played best two out of three sets. The first two sets are played to 25 points and the third set is played to 15 points in the regular season and 25 points in the playoffs.

Since the league is co-recreational, teams may not play with more than three men on the court. A minimum of four players (with at least one woman) must be present to start/finish a match. 

Season Format

The season consists of round-robin play. A team’s win loss record during the regular season will determine the winner of the league and will be awarded intramural champion t-shirts.

Winter Volleyball Schedule

The Spring 2024 season begins on Feb. 28 with leagues playing on Wednesday nights, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The registration deadline is Friday, Feb. 16.

Volleyball-1 Schedule
Volleyball-2 Schedule

League Play

Length of Season: Eight weeks, Wednesday nights (Feb. 28 through April 17)

Location: Center for Healthy Living gym

Divisions: Coed recreation, 16 team limit

Length of games: 45 minutes (play to 25 points, best two out of three sets)

Team Composition: 6 x 6, co-recreational (maximum of 12 players)

Team Registration Fee: $110.00

Late Registration Fee: $130.00

Participants: Intramural volleyball teams must be composed of fewer than half of non-UNMC/Nebraska Medicine individuals.