Biomaterials Research Group

Biomaterials research is one of the fastest growing areas at the College of Dentistry. The arrival of new well-trained faculty, as well as the acquisition of new equipment, has resulted in a surge of activity in this exciting field.

Current Research

Facial prosthetic materials

Our research in facial prosthetic materials is aimed at developing long-lasting and color-stable artificial replacements. This cutting-edge research will improve the quality of life for those who endure facial disfigurement. Learn more



Our research in using CAD/CAM technology for cavity preparation design and measuring rate of tooth wear will help dentists perform complex procedures faster and more accurately. Learn more


Mechanical physical properties 

Current research focuses on maxiofacial elastomers, marginal adaptation of dental restorations, and microleakage. Learn more


Biological evaluation of materials

Current research focuses on mercury toxicity, dental sealants, nicotine, cytotoxicity of dental materials, caries control treatment, and orthodontic bracket cements. Learn more


Research Team

beatty-2013 Greg Bennett, D.MD johnson-2013  stgermain-2013  
Mark W. Beatty Gregory Bennett  William W. Johnson  Henry St. Germain, Jr.  

Student Involvement

UNMC College of Dentistry students are involved in biomaterials research projects through the Ameritas Nebraska Dental Student Research Group.


Cooperative research has been conducted with various departments in the University of Nebraska College of Engineering, and with the University of Iowa, Ohio University, University of Louisville, University of Minnesota and Creighton University.