Meet Our Faculty

Faculty by Department


Adult Restorative Dentistry

General dentistry, biomaterials, operative dentistry, prosthodontics, temporomandibular disorders, implant and digital dentistry, radiology

Renato Roperto, Department Chair

Yoshiharu Ameku | Prosthodontics
Mark W. Beatty | Dental materials, biomaterials
Gregory Bennett | Digital dentistry
Richard K. Bokemper | Comprehensive care
Gerard Byrne | Prosthodontics, implant dentistry
Michael J. Dowd | Comprehensive care
Amir Farhangpour | Associate dean, clinic operations
Upoma Guha | Operative dentistry
Robin Hattervig | Comprehensive care
James F. Jenkins | Comprehensive care
William W. Johnson | Biomaterials, operative
Jennifer K. Kallio | Comprehensive care
Bradley J. Krivohlavek | Comprehensive care
Adriana Lamounier | Comprehensive care
Julie A. Marshall | Prosthodontics
Nicholas Murray | Comprehensive care
Kavya Shankar Muttanahally | Oral radiology
James O'Meara | Practice management
Myhanh T. Phan-Rinne | Comprehensive care
Renato Roperto | Operative dentistry
Yun Saksena | Associate dean, education & DEI
Stacy L. Solomon | Comprehensive care
Makena Sundine | Comprehensive care
Richard A. Williamson | Implant dentistry
Amanda Ribeiro Wobido | Operative dentistry
David Zalewski | Comprehensive care

Part-Time Faculty


Dental Hygiene

Gwen Hlava, Department Chair

Nicole M. Baker | Clinical instructor, Gering
Jane Broekemeier | Clinical instructor, Omaha
Amanda M. Dolen | Junior and senior clinic
Noni J. Henderson | Clinical instructor
Gwen L. Hlava | Department chair
Todd N. Junge | Junior and senior clinic
Gina L. Kissel | Clinical instructor
Emily M. Lindquist | Clinical instructor
Lisa J. Moravec | Program coordinator, Gering
Lindsay K. Mundil | Junior and senior clinic
Jaimee D. Shropshire | Sealant program coordinator


Growth and Development

Orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics, pediatric dentistry, general practice residency, advanced education in general dentistry

Sumit Yadav, Department Chair

Po-Jung Chen | Orthodontics
Jay D. Hansen | AEGD residency director
Zachary L. Houser | Pediatric dentistry residency director
Claire Koukol | Pediatric dentistry
Mi Sook Lee | Pediatric dentistry
Sarah G. Lowman | Assistant dean, admissions
Maddison McConnaughhay | Pediatric dentistry
Kathleen A. O'Brien-Ausman | GPR residency director
Corinne M. Van Osdel | General dentistry
Meenakshi (Minnie) Vishwanath | Orthodontics residency director
Sumit Yadav | Department chair
Madelyn Zastrow | General dentistry


Oral Biology

Biomedical sciences, oral pathology, biomonitoring

James K. Wahl, Department Chair

Larry D. Crouch | Biochemistry, physiology
Peter J. Giannini | Oral pathology
Keith R. Johnson | Cellular signaling
Benjamin H. Kwok | Chemical biology and cell division
Dona J. McCanlies | Physiology
Nagamani Narayana | Oral pathology
Ali Nawshad | Cellular signaling
Gregory G. Oakley | DNA damage and repair
Thomas M. Petro | Immunology
James K. Wahl | Associate dean, research
Shayla D. Yoachim | Anatomy


Surgical Specialties

Endodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, implant dentistry

J. Bruce Bavitz, Department Chair

J. Bruce Bavitz | Oral surgery, implant dentistry
Matthew R. Byarlay | Periodontics residency director
Megan Christiansen | Periodontics
Wayne B. Kaldahl | Periodontics
Amy C. Killeen | Periodontics
Hany M. Makkawy | Endodontics
Michael McNally | Endodontics

Jeffrey B. Payne | Periodontics
Richard A. Reinhardt | Periodontics
Gerald J. Tussing | Periodontics
Merlyn Vogt | Associate dean, admissions, student affairs & external relations
Anne E. Williamson | Endodontics residency director
Usman Zahid | Oral surgery

Part-Time Faculty | Current Residents