Welcome to the UNMC College of Dentistry!

We are thrilled you want to learn more about our remarkable college. We have a 124-year history of excellence in education, research and patient care - and an exciting future.

The foundation of our long-standing tradition of excellence is our extraordinary people, including our students who contribute to our mission of improving the oral health of the people of Nebraska and beyond through serving our patients, participating in outreach activities, and conducting research.

When we ask our students what sets the UNMC College of Dentistry apart from other dental schools, they say it's our close-knit, supportive learning community. Our faculty and staff are passionate about helping our students thrive.

We are always excited to welcome new learners into our community who share our passion for improving the lives of others through oral health care. We invite you to visit us so you can see what makes the UNMC College of Dentistry special.

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