College of Dentistry Academic Programs

Students are the reason the UNMC College of Dentistry exists. For more than 100 years the college has been committed to providing the highest quality dental education available. Innovative teaching methods and research opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate students make UNMC a great choice for your dental education. Outstanding faculty, caring staff, and smaller class sizes are a hallmark of the quality education you'll receive here at Nebraska.

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the College of Dentistry provides opportunities for education in dentistry, dental hygiene, multiple graduate and postgraduate programs. Specific information for each program is available on this site.

Take a look at our programs—you'll like what you find here at Nebraska. Contact Joyce E. Hurst 402-472-1363 to arrange a visit.

Admission information is specific to each program. Please select a program link on the left of this page and look for admissions.

Applications are available online for each College of Dentistry program. Please select a program link on the left of this page and look for the application.

Please refer to the specific program at left for curriculum for each undergraduate program. This information is also available in the student catalog.

Upon completion of the program students are eligible to take licensure examinations. These examinations are specific to the state or region where the graduate intends to pursue professional practice.

Job Outlook
The dental profession offers a variety of career options for both dentists and dental hygienists. The dentist may choose general dentistry or one of eight recognized dental specialties. Dentists may establish a private practice, work as an employed dentist for another dentist, or a public or private institution. The dentist may choose solo or group practice or work with other health professionals in the provision of total health care. Dental research or education offers further career opportunities to dentists and hygienists. Some of these career possibilities are described in the following.

Program Contact
Please refer to the specific program at left for contact information.

Program Description
Please refer to the specific program at left as well as the student catalog for program descriptions.

Student Achievements
Student outcomes over the last few years have reflected the quality of students who chose to prepare for their careers at Nebraska. National board scores are a measure of the high quality education students receive.