IRB Members

IRB Member Selection and Appointment

IRB members are appointed by the Institutional Official (IO) in consultation with the IRB Executive Chair. IRB members receive an appointment letter after their appointment is confirmed. IRB members serve 3 year renewable terms. There are no term limits.

Upon completion of a member’s term, the IRB Executive Chair, Chair(s) and Vice-Chair(s) will determine whether an additional term is offered. Members may resign at any time by submitting a request in writing to the IRB Executive Chair. The IRB Executive Chair reserves the right to remove a member if they are not able to complete the necessary responsibilities.


IRB Member Responsibilities


Alternate Member Responsibilities

The responsibilities above apply to alternate members.

In addition, the alternate member:

The alternate may substitute for the regular IRB member for an entire meeting or at any time during a meeting.


IRB Chair & Vice Chair Responsibilities

The IRB Chair and Vice Chair are appointed by the IO, in consultation with the IRB Executive Chair, for a renewable 3 year term.

The responsibilities listed of an IRB member apply to the IRB Chair and Vice Chair.

In addition, the IRB Chair and Vice Chair will: