Consent Teach-Back Tool

UNMC is recommending that study teams utilize the "teach-back" method during the informed consent process for their clinical studies. This method will enhance the informed consent process, ensuring participants are well-prepared before consenting and enrolling in clinical studies.

Our aim is to empower clinical research investigators and coordinators with the tools and knowledge to ensure that research study participants are fully informed and understand all aspects of the informed consent form.

Ethical Responsibility in Research

The Importance of Health Literacy

"Health literacy plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making informed decisions about our health care. Yet, a report from the HHS Surgeon General in 2019 highlighted that only 12% of Americans possess proficient health literacy skills. This underscores the importance of clear communication in the informed consent process."

Reference: HHS Surgeon General Reports and Publications, 2019

Consent Teach Back: A Strategy for Clarity

The 5 T’s of Teach Back

  1. Triage: Concentrate on one topic at a time.

  2. Tools: Utilize models, written tools, posters, graphics, etc., to aid in explaining the desired information.

  3. Take Responsibility: Phrase it as, “I want to make sure I did a good job explaining…”

  4. Tell Me: Encourage the participant to express their understanding in their own words. Be specific about what you expect them to relay back.

  5. Try Again: If the participant's understanding isn't clear, revisit the topic.

Reference: Anderson, Leister and DeRego, Health Literacy Research and Practice, 2020

Evaluating Understanding with Teach-Back