E-Signature Instructions

The e-signature function in RSS is a way to electronically sign consent forms.  It can be used if the consent process is conducted in person (face to face) or remotely (telephone or video as approved by the IRB). RSS e-signature can only be used for certain studies, outlined in the table below. 


***E-signature can only be used on newly created Narrative Consent Forms.***


When can RSS e-signature be used? (as of 2/20/2024)

  Study Types  
  FDA-regulated (drug/device) studies Yes  
  Non-FDA-regulated studies Yes  
  Commercially funded studies Yes  
  Federally funded studies Yes  
  CIRB (studies relying on an external IRB) No  
  Multi-site studies where UNMC is the IRB of record No  

Consent forms that are electronically signed in RSS are maintained in the RSS application, so paper forms do not need to be printed and stored. See the links below for instructions on in person or remote e-signatures:

E-signature for in person and remote consent. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a training session, please contact Sue Logsdon at slogsdon@unmc.edu.