Exempt Studies

It is understood this project will be conducted in full accordance with all applicable HRPP Policies. It is also understood that the ORA will be immediately notified of any proposed changes for your research project that:

A. affect the risk-benefit relationship of the research
B. pose new risks which are greater than minimal
C. constitute a new risk to privacy or confidentiality
D. involve sensitive topics (including but not limited to personal aspects of the subjects behavior, life experiences or attitudes)
E. involve deception
F. target a vulnerable population
G. include prisoners or children
H. otherwise suggest loss of the exempt status of the research.

Requests for change involving personnel or site changes are no longer permitted nor required, with the exception of changing the Principal Investigator.

You are encouraged to contact the ORA to discuss whether changes to exempt research requires review by the IRB or please view HRPP policy 2.6 (Exempt Research).