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Pathway Programs Spotlight

RHOP- Student Spotlight

Kenadie Janulewicz Class of 2025- RHOP Alumna

Where did you attend undergrad?

Wayne State College

Where did you first learn about the RHOP program and why did you join?

I learned about the program from a friend in high school, and I knew it would be a great opportunity to ensure I was able to pursue the career I wanted.

What did you enjoy most about being a part of the program?

The main benefits of the program were the tuition stipend at Wayne and the guaranteed acceptance to unmc when I finished. It provided financial security while at Wayne as I could afford school without loans. It gave me reassurance to know where I would be attending pharmacy school that allowed me to enjoy my last year of undergrad instead of worrying about applying and being accepted somewhere.

Why should others consider participating in a pathway program?

This program is a great way to lay the ground work for your future career. I highly recommend applying and using this opportunity to its fullest.