Mentors & Administrators

Mentoring takes effort and time. Mentors are busy writing papers/grant applications/reviews, teaching and fulfilling other scholarly and administrative obligations. The Office of Postdoctoral Education is committed to helping mentors and administrators with effective postdoctoral training by providing relevant information, requirement guidelines, checklists, forms, etc.

Updated Handbook found here!

The Office of Postdoctoral Education aims to ensure that our Mentors have all the tools available to them to be successful in their mentoring of our Postdocs. On November 14, 2018, we held our first Mentor Workshop with presentations by Linda Cunningham (UNMC HR) and Dr. Iqbal Ahmad (Associate Dean, Office of Postdoctoral Education). We plan to continue offering this workshop to all Postdoc Mentors and interested Administrators.


Linda Cunningham, UNMC Associate Director of Human Resources, speaking on the 13 Behaviors of an Effective Leader.


Dr. Iqbal Ahmad, Associate Dean for the Office of Postdoctoral Education, speaking on the origins of mentoring.