University of Nebraska Medical Center

Workshops & Webinars

Our professional development seminars are designed to build skills that you can use inside and outside the lab.

Training includes topics such as exploring alternative career options, connecting with available university resources, and building new skills in writing, teaching and public speaking.

Additionally, we partner with other departments at UNMC and the University of Nebraska Omaha to offer expanded professional development programming.

Regularly Held Events

Career Workshops

Your postdoctoral training is just the first step in your career. Take advantage of our career workshops to build additional skills:

  • Public Speaking
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization for Biomedical Scientists
  • Careers in Law for Biomedical Professionals
  • Teaching Online: Course Design, Delivery, and Teaching Presence

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Writing Workshops

Grant writing and the ability to communicate effectively are critical for any successful bioscientist or academic. Previous workshops include:

  • Writing Effective NIH Grant Applications
  • Writing for Publication
  • Professional and Scholarly Writing
  • It's More than Science: Other Components to Ensure Grant Success

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Wellness Workshops

We sponsor regular training sessions to help postdocs improve their wellness, both personally and in their careers. Previous workshops include:

  • Simple Fitness for Daily Wellbeing
  • Arbor Family Counseling
  • The Art and Science of Stress Management and Resilience
  • The Science of Exercise and Brain Health

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshops

UNMC is dedicated to ensuring all individuals have a voice and feel respected and heard. We offer a variety of trainings to ensure you know your rights, as well as how to understand and appreciate diversity.

  • LGBTQIA 101
  • Title IX: Protecting Your Rights

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Go-2-Knowledge website appearing on laptop screen

Go2Knowledge: Independent Learning

Go2Knowledge is an online training platform designed to provide on-demand instruction for the on-the-go learner. Over 100 on-demand webinars are available anytime and anywhere, and live webinars are available for real-time training.