Field Placements

As the Nebraska performance site for the Midwestern Public Health Training Center the OPHP is able to fund up to five students each year to complete an internship at a public health organization in Nebraska.  Each student receives a $3,500 stipend in return for completing a 175 hour project for a public health organization.  If your organization has a project that is in need of a MPH student, please contact Julia Quigley.

Past projects have included:

Student Fellowship
Story of Impact

One student, placed in a rural health department, was the first ever bilingual Spanish-English speaking member of the staff team. As part of her activities, she planned a Hispanic Family Health Night, designed to help discover health concerns of the Latino community. The event uncovered needs and concerns specific to the Hispanic community that had not been previously addressed (economic help, tornado preparedness and basic prevention knowledge).

After the field placement experience the student said, “My feelings about forwarding my education in public health are stronger than ever now. The time that I spent at the health department opened my eyes about how important it is to promote health, teach individuals how to prevent sickness, and how to protect themselves from possible hazards.”