Applied Practice Experience (APEx)


The purpose of the Applied Practice Experience (APEx) course is to provide all students with an applied, scholarly, and mutually beneficial experience in a public health practice setting. This experience augments the academic course work, meets community needs, and provides students with an opportunity to integrate and apply at least five foundational public health competencies. Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of public health principles, values and practice.

All partner organizations must be approved by the Office of Public Health Practice. Applied practice experiences may involve governmental, non-governmental, non-profit, industrial and for-profit settings or appropriate university-affiliated settings. To be appropriate for applied practice experience activities, university-affiliated settings must be primarily focused on community engagement, typically with external partners. University health promotion or wellness centers may also be appropriate.

Students should direct questions to the Project Coordinator, Julia Quigley ( or Director of Master's Program,  (

APEx Registration Prerequisites:

  1. Attendance at APEx Orientation session (held each semester)
  2. In good academic standing
  3. Completion of at least 6 credit hours plus the CPH 500 Foundations in Public Health Course, which may be taken concurrently with CPH 528 APEx
  4. Completion of Affiliation Agreement
  5. Completion of Professionalism Training Module no longer than 60 days prior to registration (located in Canvas under the COPH Student Success Center)
  6. Approval of the Applied Practice Experience Learning Contract

APEx Timeline:

Students should begin planning for their APEx at least 3 months before the intended registration semester. Since the APEx must be completed in one semester, it is important for students to begin preparations during the semester prior.

Example Timeline:

Student intends to register in the summer semester.