Sizzling Summer Series

In partnership with the Midwest Public Health Training Center, the UNMC College of Public Health's Office of Public Health Practice produces an annual webinar series that highlights trending topics in the field of public health practice.

Series 1 - 2019
Speaker: Kwame Christian, Esq., MA.
Theme: Persuasive Communication

Series 2 - 2020
Speaker: Michael Perdunn, MA, CISM, PMP
Theme: Change Management

Series 3 - 2021
Speakers: Derrick K.Willis, MPA; Alicia Sanchez, MBA; Julie Reid, PhD, Jewel D. Stafford, MSW; Montrece Ransom, JD, MPH; Dawn Hunter, JD, MPH; Priscilla Keith, JD, MPH
Theme: Becoming an Anti-Racist Public Health System

Series 4 - 2022
 Carrie Fox; Mark R. Miller; Shari R. Veil, MBA, PhD; Cory Armstrong, PhD; Jill Krueger, JD; Chrissie Juliano, MPP; and Vicki Shabo, JD
Theme: Communicating the Value of Public Health

Series 5 - 2023 
 Julie Sweetland, PhD; Janelle Palacios PhD, CNM; Magda G. Peck, ScD 
Theme: Making Data Come Alive