Student Practice Opportunities

Seeking Practice Opportunities:

There are multiple ways a student may seek public health practice opportunities. The following are suggestions for students to consider;

  1. Personal Network (What organization(s) have you volunteered with previously?)
  2. Long-term Goals (What organization(s) may you seek as a future employer?)
  3. Search other Websites (Consider your local community.)
    1. Example: For the Omaha community, you may consider the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands website, United Way of the Midlands website, etc. to learn about the types of opportunities within the community.
  4. Local Health Departments or State Public Health Associations
    1. Example: For students interested in engaging with local health departments in Nebraska, the Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors (NALHD) website promotes 'student opportunities' from several local health departments. Although not every health department has summarized a specific opportunity, many of them are eager to engage with public health students.
  5. Check your Email (Opportunities are often shared through UNMC email.)
    1. Example: The Midwest Public Health Training Center is a funded opportunity for students that offers field placements across Nebraska. Announcements related to this opportunity, including deadlines, are shared with students via email.