Policy Documents

Nebraska Medicine

Nebraska Medicine Policies and Procedures Manual


MRI Safety Guidelines

Cardiac Pacemaker (CIED) MRI Policies

Contrast Policies

Department Contrast Policy

Power injection of contrast media

Non – intravenous contrast

Contrast Allergy Pre-Medication Guideline


Patient Care Policies

Critical Results Non Routine Communications Guideline

Pathology Specimen Imaging

Mammography Patient Consumer Complaint

Mammography Quality Control Check

 MRI Safety – Standard Operating Procedure

MR Safety Guidelines and devices guidelines

MRI Screening Images

Exam Priority

Crash Carts

Procedure Error

Transportation of Radiology Patients

Research Studies

Interventional Radiology Safety Strap Procedure

Interventional Radiology Guidelines for use of Anesthesia Services

Bariatric Patients

Standards for Diagnostic Ultrasound Exams

Lumbar Puncture and Myelography Guide


Human Resources Policies

Dress Code

Age Specific needs and interventions

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Professional Conduct

Orientation and Competency


On Call

Travel Policies / Guideline

Travel Policies / Guideline Residents

Sick Leave


Radiation Safety Policies

Inspection of Protective Lead Shielding

Xray Equipment Radiation Physics Survey

Diagnostic Quality Control

Patient Shielding

Patient Holding

Radioactive Materials

Radiation Exposure time for Patients

Nuclear Medicine Pregnant or Breastfeeding Patient

Pregnancy Testing Screening in Radiology

Radiation Monitoring Devices


Education and Training

Supervision of Students


Surveillance, Protection, Infection Control

Infection Control

Pre-Procedure Hair Removal

Code Triage

Cleaning of Liquid Spills

Evacuation Procedures


Legal and Regulatory

Image Retention and Disposal

Safety Repair PM X-Ray Equipment

Incomplete Exams

Orders and Indications

Patient Service Identification

Allergy Identification

Effective Communication of Radiology Results

License Registration


Other / Miscellaneous

Performance Improvement Committee