Medical students enrolled in the Radiology clerkship spend 4 weeks in the department gaining broad exposure to areas of Diagnostic Radiology.  Each week of the rotation focuses on the services most critical to a practicing physician: Musculoskeletal, Chest, Body and Neuroradiology imaging.  During those weeks, the medical student will have opportunity to attend lectures, interact in a supervised review of cases and participate in “field trips” focusing on those core services.  In addition, the medical students will be integrated into the reading room environment- spending time with the radiologists, the technologists and observing various procedures.  The course has an open structure, allowing ample opportunity for individual study and interests. 

Course Directors:
 Matthew DeVries, M.D., Chest Imaging
 Jason Helvey, M.D., Neuroradiology
 Melissa Manzer, M.D., Musculoskeletal Imaging
 Lucy Muinov, M.D., Body Imaging