About the Department

History of the Department

Chest xray - pneumoniaUniversity Hospital Unit I was opened in 1917 and provided a facility for x-ray examinations.  The x-ray facility was under the supervision of James. S. McAvin, MD who was also in charge of the drug room and anesthesiology.  In 1927, Unit II was added expanding the hospital to 240 beds and the x-ray facility was moved to the ground floor.  Dr. Carlton B. Pierce was appointed Chairman of the Department until 1930 when  Dr. Howard B. Hunt was appointed Chairman.  At that time, the department was staffed entirely by part-time and volunteer faculty.  Today the radiology department faculty includes 28 full-time radiologists, 7 part-time radiologists, 3 fellows, and 1 full-time physicist. 

Past Chairmen include:

 The radiology department performs 350,000 exams on average per year.

State-of-the-art equipment includes: