University of Nebraska Medical Center

Rizwan Ahmad, PhD

Assistant Professor


Rizwan Ahmad

Research Interest

Epithelial Cell Homeostasis in Regulating Mucosal Inflammation and Oncogenic growth

Gut inflammation is central to multiple human diseases. The gut epithelium plays a critical role in regulating the normal gut homeostasis and its dysregulation promotes gut inflammation. Dr. Ahmad's research is focused on understanding molecular basis of the dysregulations in epithelial homeostasis for a causal role in promoting gut inflammation, and novel ways it can be corrected for therapeutic gains. In specific, Dr. Ahmad is interested in understanding the mechanisms that regulate the mucosal barrier functions and how these processes are impacted during pathological conditions. In these studies, apart from focusing on the role (and regulation) of the gut barrier integral proteins, we are also investigating the role of the stress mechanism and gut microbiota in regulating the gut barrier functions. Dr. Ahmad's lab utilizes genetically modified mouse models (GEMMs), polarized cell culture and ex vivo 3D-organ culture in our studies. Also, in addition to traditional techniques like immunoblotting and qRT-PCR we utilize state-of-art techniques like mouse colonoscope and 3D-immuonostaining. In permutation of its studies, the lab regularly collaborates with pharmacists and clinicians. Overall, Dr. Ahmad's research is a true blend of basic and translational research and describes a bench to bedside approach.